Repetition/Difference/Boundary  | 2023

Repetition/Difference/Boundary  | 2023 2-channel video (real-time generated video + recorded video[4min 32sec.]), fluorescent light, electronic componentsvariable size This world is made up of a mixture of simple and complex repetitions. In the seemingly simple repetitions, there are slight deviations (differences). In other words, the exact same event is never reproduced, and unique events occur continuously. And as the various repetitions that contain differences interfere with each other in multiple and complex ways, the world may have a single boundary or phenomenon that appears and disappears at one time or another. This artwork is an experimental attempt to recreate a fragment of the world by constructing a space in which repetitions […]

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re-mix | 2006

re-mix | 2006 water from Tone river, tube, PVC pipe, pump, water storage tankH1000 W12000 D22000 (mm) This work was installed at a final sedimentation tank on the site of a community plant. This site used to be the gateway for recycled water returning to nature. Now that this plant is not operating, the tank is isolated from the cycle of nature. I tried to conceptually recombine this tank and Tone River in this work. I drew water from Tone River through a tube around the iron fence that surrounds the tank and made the water drop into the tank. Two types of water –that of Tone River and that of […]

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Life-recollection | 2006

Life-recollection | 2006 fluorescent light, electric cableH4600 W4800 D9500 (mm) This work was installed in a water-purifier tank at a wastewater treatment plant. By placing broken, blinking, and dying fluorescents in the space, the work represents “ambiguous existence.” The fluorescent light bulbs still exist as bulbs even after they have lost their functions as lighting equipment. This ambiguous and uncertain existence is also an element shared with the abandoned building where the work was installed. The unsteady blinking of the dying and broken fluorescent lights and the space lit by them indicate the end. At the same time, they remind the viewers of the previous state of the fluorescents. […]

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dialogue/preservation | 2007

dialogue/preservation | 2007 fabric, greasy dirt, audio equipmentH3700 W5500 D15000 (mm) Kiryu City in Gunma Prefecture was once known as a city of fabric. There are many factories with saw-toothed roofs, but most are abandoned. I happened to meet people who were wrecking the weaving machines in the city and joined their work. The weaving machines that once filled the factory were all dismantled and taken away as scrap. Wrecking these weaving machines meant more than just breaking them apart. It seemed more like an encounter with the past. I recorded the sounds made by the wrecking of the machines as the metaphorical meaning of the tangled conversations between encounter and […]

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