• Hitoshi Kuriyama

        • Born in Hyogo Japan, 1979
          Lives and works in Fukuoka, Japan

        • Education
          2011 Tokyo University of the Arts, Ph.D. in Inter Media Art, Tokyo, Japan
          2006 University of Tsukuba, M.F.A. in Constructive Art, Ibaraki, Japan
          2003 Osaka University of Education, B.A. in Western Language and Culture Studies, Osaka, Japan
          2001 Institute of International Education in London, Diploma in Japanese teaching, London, UK

        • Selected Solo Exhibitions
        • 2022 "Nothing is Fullness, Fullness is Nothingness," Fuji Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
        • 2019 "Somethhing Comes from Nothhing,” ART FRONT GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
        • 2014 “ON THIS PLANET,” island, Tokyo, Japan
          2014 “phenomena and preservation,” SUNDAY, Tokyo, Japan
          2013 “Phase Transition,” NADiff, Tokyo, Japan
          2012 “impermanent preservation [sunflower project],” Art Lab Aichi, Aichi, Japan
          2012 “Phenomena & Reception,” Osaka Kyoiku University, Osaka, Japan
          2010 “0, 1, and visions,” Venice Projects, Venice, Italy
          2009 “I am in the universe/The universe is within me,” eNarts, Kyoto, Japan
          2009 “∴0=1-prelude,” magical ARTROOM, Tokyo, Japan
          2009 “A point,” party, Fukushima, Japan
          2008 “traveler,” youkobo art space, Tokyo, Japan
          2007 “control-a room,” magical ARTROOM, Tokyo, Japan
          2007 “∴0=1-trace of light,” Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo, Japan
          2005 “10 days selection,” INAX gallery 2, Tokyo, Japan
          2003 “obore-scape,” Art Space K, Osaka, Japan
          2003 “exhibition of Hitoshi Kuriyama,” minascapes, Osaka, Japan

        • Selected Group Exhibitions
        • 2022 "0=1-Discontinuous Continuity," Shiiki Hall, Fukuoka, Japan
        • 2021 "Color ATAMI," Article Atelier & Gallery, Shizuoka, Japan
        • 2019 ”ART FARMing,” Chojamachi Watakaku Building, Aichi, Japan
        • 2018 ”Sakura-Saku,” Daikanyama T-SITE anjin, Tokyo, Japan
          2017 “Islamic Arts Festival 20th Session,” Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE
          2017 “Drawing Bureau Ver 1.0.0,” Drawing Bureau, Tokyo, Japan
          2017 “Japan Alps Art Festival 2017,” an old warehouse in Omachi downtown, Nagano, Japan
          2016 “TOROENNALE 2016,” Toro Ruins, Shizuoka, Japan
          2016 “Lichtkunstfestival Aufstiege,” St. Cyriakus Church, Stuttgart, Germany
          2016 “LIGHT: FIXTURES AND SCULPTURES,” LMAKgallery, New York, USA
          2015 “Tsukuba Media-Art Festival,” Tsukuba Museum of Art Ibaraki, Ibaraki, Japan
          2015 “Art Ichihara Autumn 2015,” IAAES, Chiba, Japan
          2015 “Hijisai,” Tahei shrine, Tochigi, Japan
          2015 “35 x 35 art project,” Copelouzos Art Museum, Athens, Greece
          2015 “Art Ichihara Spring 2015,” IAAES, Chiba, Japan
          2015 “DIALOGUES 1st,” Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Arts, Tokyo, Japan
          2014 “Tokyo Designers week,” coutume, Tokyo, Japan
          2014 “Power of Painting,” MONKEY GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
          2014 “Unknown Nature,” Underground, Tokyo, Japan
          2013 “What Dwells Inside,” S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen, Norway
          2012 “OPEN LAB,” Art Lab Aichi, Aichi, Japan
          2012 “ART SYNCHRONICITY,” Creative Hub 131, Tokyo, Japan
          2012 “Drifting Images,” MAKII MASARU FINE ARTS & Art Lab AKIBA, Tokyo, Japan
          2011 “Resonant Vision,” Break station gallery, Tokyo, Japan
          2011 “ARTSTYLE TOKYO,” Q|b studio, Taipei, Taiwan
          2011 “BankART LifeⅢ-A Small City for the Future,” Shinko Pier, Kanagawa, Japan
          2011 “Drifting Images,” BODA, Seoul, South Korea
          2011 “GLASSTRESS 2011 collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale,” an old glass factory site in Murano, Venice, Italy
          2011 “Share a Piece of the Earth,” IDEE SHOP Midtown, Tokyo, Japan
          2011 “newnature,” G/P gallery, Tokyo, Japan
          2010 “data and vision,” AKI gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
          2010 “New World,” island, Chiba, Japan
          2009 “Treasure 4th Issue,” TOTO, Tokyo, Japan
          2009 “Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009,” Hikari no Uta, Oita, Japan
          2009 “UNLIMITED,” A+, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “BEAMING ARTS,” International Gallery Beams, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “Kotobuki Creative Action,” Marui dormitory, Kanagawa, Japan
          2008 “Japan Media Arts Festival in Tsukuba,” University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
          2008 “NEW BEGINNING-The show must go on!,” magical ARTROOM, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “Imaginary Museum of the O-collection - magical museum tour,” Tokyo Wonder site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan
          2007 “Ino Artists Village Opening Exhibition,” Ino Artists Village, Ibaraki, Japan
          2007 “WORM HOLE episode 10,” magical ARTROOM, Tokyo, Japan
          2007 “Kiryu Saien 13,” Yamaji cloth-manufacturing plant, Gunma, Japan
          2007 “Re-Act,” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan
          2006 “Toride Art Project,” Togashira sewage-disposal plant, Ibaraki, Japan
          2006 “Japan Media Arts Festival,” Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
          2005 “Art Train,” R-recycle shop, Ibaraki, Japan
          2005 “ALDK,” Pana Home's showhouse, Ibaraki, Japan
          2005 “Price Control,” gallery art-feti, Aichi, Japan
          2004 “The Odyssey of Light,” the site of ancient city of Jerash, Jordan

        • Art Fairs
          2015 “3331 Art Fair,” 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
          2012 “Tokyo Frontline,” 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
          2011 “Tokyo Frontline,” 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
          2011 “KIAF,” Coex, Seoul, South Korea
          2010 “Young Art Taipei,” Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
          2010 “The Armory Show,” Piers 92 & 94, New York, USA
          2009 “SOFA CHICAGO,” Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, Chicago, USA
          2009 “Emerging Director's Art Fair Ultra #002," spiral garden, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “Emerging Director's Art Fair Ultra #001," spiral garden, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “Frieze Art Fair,” Regent's Park, London, UK
          2008 “101 TOKYO Contemporary Art Fair,” Rensei junior high school, Tokyo, Japan
          2008 “ART@AGNES,” The Agnes Hotel and Apartments, Tokyo, Japan

        • Projects
          2011-2012 “sunflower project,” Fukushima and Ibaraki, Japan
          2007-2019 “Ino Artists Village Project,” Ino Shopping Center, Ibaraki, Japan