∴ 0=1 -border | 2010

φ 60nm of particle, water, acrylic, HMI light
H1700 W3700 D5400 (mm)

This work is a model of the Earth's atmosphere. This model reproduces the color alterations of the sky and the sun with nano-sized particles that are smaller than the wavelength of the light. The white light changes from blue (the wavelength is short) to red (the wavelength is long) due to the distance of colloid solution the light passes through because the shortest light wavelength is the easiest to be scattered. As described above, the Earth's atmosphere is seemingly nothing, but consists of various matter such as air, water, dust from the Earth, space, and so on. Although you may consider the atmosphere as the line between the Earth and space, it consists of matter from both Earth and space. Therefore, the border between inside and outside seems to be both existent and nonexistent.