∴ 0=1 -change and conservation [part 2]  | 2017

ice, heating unit, solenoid valve, iron, stainless iron, aluminium
H5030 W5560 D5330 (mm)

I create two works, ∴ 0=1 -change and conservation [part 1] and ∴ 0=1 -change and conservation [part 2], in a pair of the Japanese traditional storehouses. In these works, I express the epitomization of the water circulation system of a great nature of Japan Alps focusing on phase changes and conservation of water. In the work “ ∴ 0=1 -change and conservation [part 2],” there is heated iron in the first story of the storehouses. The water drops fall onto this heated iron irregularly and evaporate with burning sound. This water drops come from the ice that is set on the second story of the storehouses. The ice is formed with Japan Alps viewing from Omach city where this pair of the storehouses is located. The mountain shaped ice will melt over time and become water and drop. The water also will evaporate by the heated iron and disappear.