∴ 0=1 -Polaris (BC100000-AD100000)  | 2015

neon sign, glass, electric cable
H500 W500 D300 (mm)

Polaris in the Arctic pole is called as “fixed star” and seemed to be unmoved its location looking from the earth. But by the influence of many forces of universe, the positional relationship of the earth and Polaris continue to change in a million years. In this work, I made a simulation of change in the position of Polaris looking from the earth between 100000 B.C. to 100000 A.D. and traced its track of movement of Polaris with neon light. This simulation is only based on diurnal motion , annual motion and precession, but in the real universe, more complex combinations of various factors might be interacting. It seems that the star has its fixed position, but looking in the enormous amount of time, it is slightly moving. In this case, the concept of “static” and “dynamic” can present same matter.