∴ 0=1 -filament blue | 2019

∴ 0=1 –filament blue | 2019

chromogenic print , framed on aluminum frame
H545 W423 D27      [Vertical position]
H423 W545 D27 (mm) [Horizontal position]

Should it be called as “disappearance” or “appearance”? When an overcurrent runs through a tungsten filament in the dark room, the filament that was not visible emits strong light and burns out. The afterimage of the light is burned into the eyes for a moment. (or while) Photographic paper records the trace of the light of the moment as an image. It is as if the image of filament visualizes the large-scale structure of the universe spreading out through the space like a net. The moment could be “disappearance” but also could be “appearance,” perceived as the ambiguous event.