∴ 0=1 -polygenesis  | 2017

∴ 0=1 –polygenesis  | 2017

neon sign, glass, vacuum of 1×10⁻⁵ Pa, electric cable
H6045 W39335 D12070 (mm)

It is created in the one of the famous restaurant called ”Sequoia” around Washington Harbor in Washington D.C. The main dining is about 40 meters in length and 12meters in width, the installation is constructed with 3000 pieces of glass tubes and neon lights. “Sequoia” is a large Californian evergreen tree that can reach a height of more than 90 meters. The imagination of installation comes from this long structure of Sequoia tree and the image of universe that occurs multifactorially like the trees branch off into smaller pieces. Within the whole installation, I express that the universe that has complex phases in which it repeatedly generates and annihilates even beyond our knowledge. In this work, the broken tubes represent the aftermath left in outer space created by the Big Bang, in other words, stars and beings. Inside the glass tubes is a high vacuum, so the phenomenon of these tubes breaking is similar to the beginning of this universe. Therefore, the broken tubes (a kind of “annihilation”) may become a metaphor for the beginning of the universe (“generation”). This work is “generated” (created) by “annihilation” (demolition), and it may represent the ambiguous event (process of making art work).