∴ 0=1 –antinomy

0=1 –antinomy  | 2022

fluorescent light, glass tube inner coated with stainless steel powder, mirrored glass film, steel, electric cable
H6000 W6000 D6000 (mm)

What does the self-made hypothesis “0=1” represent? Between “0” and “1” there is “finite” and “infinite. The state of complete “nothingness” cannot exist in the world in which we live. For example, the end of one universe may be the beginning of another, and “annihilation” and “destruction” may have the same meaning as “generation” and “creation. In this work, I attempt to represent the seemingly contradictory concept of “0=1” with an image of the origin of the universe. In one universe, when mass and energy are squeezed into extremely dense but finite-sized grains, they are ejected into another universe to form new stars. The universe may be something that is created in layers, like countless imaginary images reflected in a mirror, or the expanse of reflected light. In the world in which we live, even events that seem to be “nothing” have the potential to generate the next action, because something “exists” there. On the other hand, even if something exists, if people do not recognize it, it will be treated as “nothing”. Through this work, I hope that the viewer will look at the fluctuation between “nothingness” and “existence” and enjoy the world that unfolds within the contradiction.