∴ 0=1 –Discontinuous Continuity

0=1 –Discontinuous Continuity  | 2022

flashbulbs, mirror, aluminum, iron, electronic components
H16650 W28600 D500 (mm)

The 99 domed mirrors hang over the large wall approximately 17 meters high and 28 meters wide, and each dome is fitted with a flashlight bulb. Flashbulbs are used as flashes for film cameras in the old days. They emit a large amount of light when chemicals or metals in the glass bulbs burn rapidly, but they can only trigger a luminous phenomenon once. In this work, such a one-time luminous phenomenon is repeated with irregular timing. This is an imitation of the stars in the universe that are born and disappear, suggesting that this world is formed by the repeated disappearance and creation of the one and only being, and that this aspect is a discontinuous continuity.