∴ 0=1 –trace of light

0=1 –trace of light  | 2022

Reversely developed black and white negative film (4x5inch), aluminum, acrylic board, LED
H1067 W1321 D60 (mm) [5 pieces]

When an overcurrent is applied to a glass tube fuse, a faint light is produced when it burns out. If you observe this luminous phenomenon in a darkroom under dark adaptation, the afterimage of the light will be burned into your eyes for a while. Silver halide photographic film records the traces of this momentary light as an image and makes it appear. In this work, positive images are presented by inverting and developing black-and-white negative film. The images look as if they were recorded supernovas of the universe all together. Each moment is seen as an ambivalent event that is both annihilation and creation at the same time.