afterglow  | 2015

mirror, wire, stone wall
variable size

At this place, there was shrine existed before where people were assembled and prayed together. In the long time, the building had been tumbled-down and shrine was taken away. When I have first visited this place, there was no building of shrine anymore and only the structure of stonewall had been remained. But I had a mysterious feeling that I seemed to see the existence of something that is not existed anymore and I stated to solve what this invisible existence is about. In this work, I attempted to shape this “invisible existence.” The challenging thing of this work is that as I felt before, it seemed that this place was already contained of this invisible existence without anything and remained stonewall and surroundings were looked completion just as they were. Therefore, I tried not to disturb elements of the place and find the way of harmony to this place through the conversation with the place.