∴ 0=1 -reflections  | 2017

fluorescent light, mirrored glass tube, electric cable
H2800 W2800 D2800 (mm)

It is created for the “Islamic Arts Festival 20th Session” at Sharjah Art Museum in the UAE. I heard that, in Islamic thought, the real world is infinitively expanded and what we recognize that it is real is the only the portion of this real world. In another word, what we see is like the shadow of the spiritual world, and this spiritual world contained the real truth and had infinitive expansion in which we would never be able to imagine. I was very inspired by this idea and also I found a similarity to my work that I have been creating. In this artwork, I decided to use lights and mirrors. Because mirror reflects surrounding things and light radiates, so both materials influence each other and have influence to its environment too. These materials are not just there but create lots of other things (such as endless reflections or light expansion), so I thought that I could express something beyond what we normally see. As you can see, this work looks different by watching from different direction. So I try to suggest the idea that the existence will change (its phases) by how you see the object. And also I made the work expands radially from the center. By doing so I try to express the infinitive expansion of the real world.