∴ 0=1 -light from the earth: Seoul  | 2011
∴ 0=1 -light from the earth: Bergen  | 2014
∴ 0=1 -light from the earth: Tokyo  | 2014

gelatin silver print
H560 W740 (mm)

Underneath the city lights, the lives of countless people change as time goes by. Though length of time must be taken into consideration, the stars in the night sky change as well. In this work, I tried to capture the trajectory of the lights on the Earth that vary over time by shooting the city lights from a stationary extraterrestrial point. By using long exposure to record the city’s night view, the path of Earth’s light (which changes as time goes by) is recorded. In other words, this work can be thought to represent a fictional stationary point in outer space from which movements such as the Earth’s rotation are recorded. I believe everything keeps on moving and changing. I wonder if there is anything that remains stationary and invariant.