∴ 0=1 -another  | 2019

fluorescent lights, glass mirror, electric wire, glass tube inner coated with stainless steel powder
H2700 W6000 D6200 (mm)

We may be creations of the other universe. Since the concept of “infinite” cannot be established in the natural world, the singularity with infinitely massive density and infinitesimal size which absorbs every lights and substances, cannot exit. Thus, from this point of view, I set up a hypothesis. In one universe, when mass and energy are pushed into a finitely sized grain, it is released into another universe to form new stars. This is how the new stars are formed. Which means a space has gave a birth to the other universe, and bringing other worlds moreover. The phenomenon of “annihilation” or “collapse”, can be the phenomenon of “generation” or “creation” in the other universe. It expresses how different universes are created over and over by infinite number of illusion and reflection of lights expanding through the mirror.